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The Weed Lady PGH
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From grubs and bugs, to birds and butterflies, supporting your local eco-system can be as easy as adding native plants to your landscape. The Weed Lady can help. For micro-gardens, invasive species identification and removal, complete redesign, and everything in between, let the Weed Lady help nurture your garden’s potential!

It’s increasingly apparent: along roadsides, in our parks and fields, and even in our back yards, invasive plants are trying to take over, choking out Southwest Pennsylvania’s natural beauty, and disrupting our delicate ecosystem. We can fight back. Replacing non-native, exotic plants with the potential to spread unchecked, with beautiful native plant gardens is one place to start. Native plants are a great choice for your landscape because they:
- Naturally thrive in our region’s weather conditions, meaning less watering, fertilizing and weeding for you.
- Provide food and shelter for the whole web of life instead of favoring a few species or stages of life over others. After all, we must nurture caterpillars if we want butterflies.
- Are rejuvenating to our spirits. Create soothing spaces, buzzing with sunshine and life.
- Capture the interest and imagination of the next generation of our planet’s caretakers: our children.

Native gardens need not be messy or “wild” looking, and can provide year-round visual interest as well as food and habitat for life of all sorts.

I started The Weed Lady PGH because I have a passion for the wonders of our natural world. My goal is to bring this wonder to your back yard, and in the process help support our eco-system for years to come.

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