Want to help keep our streets clean all year long? Aspinwall Neighbors launched an adopt-a-block program where residents volunteer to canvass assigned blocks in Aspinwall, tending to litter regularly. Aspinwall Neighbors provides the volunteers with safety vests, gloves, and litter picks to assist the volunteers with their efforts.

How WALLStars works:

  1. Sign up here to register. For this program, Aspinwall has been divided into zones. Determine an available zone below, and register for the one you wish to adopt.
  2. Pick up your supplies. Once registered, Aspinwall Neighbors will be in contact to provide you with supplies.
  3. Clean up the neighborhood! Determine what frequency works for you and your blocks. Recruiting neighbors is encouraged to help balance the efforts and promote community interaction.
  4. Keep in contact! As a new program, Aspinwall Neighbors is looking for ideas and feedback as the initiative develops. We will have check-in points throughout the year, but you can reach out anytime to andy@aspinwallneighbors.org.

WALLstar Zones

The WALLstars program began in May 2021. There are still several zones that need to be adopted. See the table below for available areas. Want to help with a block that has already been adopted? Reach out to your block leader for opportunities to help. Block leads are welcomed and encouraged to involve neighbors throughout the year.

ZoneContact Block Leader
Zone 1 – 4th to 5th / Field to Centerzone1@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 2 – 3rd to 4th / Field to Centerzone2@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 3 – 2nd to 3rd / Field to Centerzone3@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 4 – 1st to 2nd / Western to Easternzone4@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 5 – Freeport to 1st / Western to CenterAvailable
Zone 6 – 4th to 6th / Center to Easternzone6@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 7 – 2nd to 4th / Center to Easternzone7@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 8 – Freeport to 1st / Center to Easternzone8@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 9 – 4th to 6th / Eastern to Emersonzone9@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 10 – 2nd to 4th / Eastern to Brilliantzone10@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 11 – Freeport to 2nd / Eastern to BrilliantAvailable
Zone 12 – Brilliant to Emerson / Freeport to 4thzone12@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 13 – Emerson to Virginia / Freeport to 4thzone13@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 14 – Virginia to Lexington / Freeport to 4th Available
Zone 15 – Lexington to Delafield / Freeport to 4thzone15@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 16 – Center / 8th / W 9thAvailable
Zone 17 – 7th to 9th / Center to Virginia Extzone17@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 18 – River Oaks / Oakhurst / Aspinzone18@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 19 – Guyasuta to Center / W 9th to 12thzone19@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 20 – 9th to 11th / Center to Virginia Extzone20@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 21 – Guyasuta / Knollwoodzone21@aspinwallneighbors.org
Zone 22 – Freeport Rail Road Sidezone22@aspinwallneighbors.org

This program is made possible by our annual Community Partners.

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